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Monday, August 29, 2005

King actor in Naran for Onam!!

Naran’ is an action genre film directed by veteran director Joshi. After Mohanlal's stupendous performance in Udayon the king actor is ready to deliver it again!!
Other than him there are six main characters in the film. This multi starrer film is presented by Ashirwad Cinemas. The film is expected to hit the screens in the festive season of Onam.

The film has music by Deepak Dev and the cinematography is by Shaji.Velayudhan (Mohanlal) is a wise man of a village who always thinks about the betterment of the people living there. He is a kind and helps all the villagers in Mullamkolli village where he resides. He thinks that the good deeds of every people can have a direct impact on the society. This is civilization and development in his eyes. On his basic thoughts he has developed some rules that are mandatory to be followed by the villagers. One who doesn’t want to bow down to him and follow his rule has to beat him in a fistfight first. And this is something that is near to impossible for the villagers. In the process he has developed some friends and foes in the village.Kurup (Jagathy Sreekumar) is a part of the Panchayat of the village. He is a crook and sly man and want to deceive the villagers and the Panchayat and make money out of it. He is a rival of Velayudhan and cannot stand him for Velayudhan stands as a thorn in the path of his money minting process. Kurup tries to protest Velayudhan rules however he fails to win in the fight.Kelappan (Innocent) is an associate of Velayudhan. He is a trustworthy and dependable man of Velayudhan. They’re very attached to each other and live together in the same house. They’re very close friends and stands by each other.
Janaki (Devayani) and Velayudhan were childhood friends and liked each other in heart. However fate doesn’t allow them to meet and Janaki marries someone else.Another enemy of Velayudhan is Gopinathan (Siddique). He is the son-in-law of Valiathamburan (Madhu) whom Velayudhan treats as a father figure.Kelappan’s daughter is Leela (Bhavana). Velayudhan treats her like a sister but she has a liking towards him. Velayudhan doesn’t approve of the feeling.
So all of you please mark your calendar for this great thriller!!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Thursday, September 16, 2004

N R - Gallery

N A T T U R A J A V - P H O T O G A L L E R Y ~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~~.~.~

Return of the king!

"CRITICS HAD written him off and the trade
was sceptical about his draw at the
But Mohanlal has staged a fantastic comeback with
his Onam release, "Natturajavu" In the Shaji
Kailas-directed film, Mohanlal plays Pulikkattil Charly,
the do-gooder who has to bear the brunt of his
father's evil and satanic legacy.
Sporting silk kurtas and jewellery, Mohanlal is brilliant and a sheer joy to watch on screen. "

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Mohan Lal again in double role.

Mohan Lal plays double role in "Swarnam", the most awaited thriller from Bhadran.The king actor plays "Shooranaadu Paappoi".

Friday, August 20, 2004

H.A.P.P.I.E.S.T Onam.......!*

*Ee Onathin Maveliyum koode 'Nattu Rajav' um!...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Singing Actor....Say Who...?

1. Onnanamkunnil Oradikunnil : Sindooramegham...
2. Kandu Kandarinju : Nee Arinjo mele manathu...
3. Chithram : Kadume nadumellam...

4. Chithram :
Aye Onnu Randu...
5. Aye Auto : My name is sudhi...
6. Vishnulokam : Awara hum...
7. Kalipattam : Vazhiyoram Veyil Kayum...

8. Spadikam :
9. Usthadh : Theercha Illa janam...
10. Olympian Antony Adam :
Peppara pera pera...
11. Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu : Kaitha poovin...
12. Popcorn : Amma enge...
13. Balettan : KaruKaruthoru pennanu...

In Company...........

"I don't know how to dance or sing, but in my films I do everything that's required of me as a good performer."
- Mohan Lal

He reigns over the Malayalam film scene, is the most sought-after actor in his kingdom and wins the credit for elevating Malayalam cinema to towering heights. He's been awarded the 'Padmashree', for his contribution to Malayalam cinema. He has won several National Awards - 'Keeridum' (that was recreated into a Hindi film called 'Gardish'), 'Bharatham' and 'Vanaprastham'. He's even done Tamil and Telugu films and now we're going to watch his brilliance in Ramgopal Verma's much-awaited 'Company'. And this versatile actor eloquently states, "When it comes to acting there is no North, East, South, West. Acting follows a universal language."

A few moments with Mohanlal, during his visit to the hub of Indian cinema – Mumbai.

Isn't your character in 'Company' based on a true-life story?

Mohanlal : "I don't know much about the true life character. All I am aware of is that it is a presentation of the current scenario. I am doing my job as Mohanlal and enacting a role that's been crafted out for me. My role is drawn out based on the incidents that have occurred in another Commissioner's life, someone I can physically meet. Now if I was portraying the character of someone like Gandhiji, Shree Krishna or Buddha, then it would have been a different experience to narrate."

How would you compare actresses in Bollywood with those down South?

Mohanlal : "When it comes to acting there is no North, East, South, West. Acting follows a universal language. The performance of an actor is what matters, and that is something that remains constant irrespective of what language or which region the film hails from. So there is nothing like 'Bollywood acting' or 'South acting' and there's no grounds on which you can differentiate it."

What do you think of Ramgopal Verma's style of working?

Mohanlal : "I have done around 250 films with various directors, but the passion Ramgopal Verma has for his films is amazing. He is constantly into the making of the film. I've known him for long now and I respect him as a director, the way he functions and his relentless pursuit to make an extraordinary film each time. This kind of fire is there in many directors, but with him, as every frame of the movie proceeds, his passion is constantly growing. His passion is limitless and matchless. I'm not saying this because I am doing his film, I've always appreciated his brilliance as a director."

Are there any other Hindi films in the pipeline other than 'Company'?

Mohanlal : "For me, I can't treat this movie any differently or label it as a Hindi movie or anything as such. I have done Telugu and Tamil movies and this one is just another. I haven't committed on doing any other Hindi movie now. I might do one, I might not."

Are you fluent with the Hindi language, or do you have difficulty conversing in this language?

Mohanlal : "I can read and write in Hindi. I studied Hindi in school as one of my subjects, but that was twenty-five years ago. Normally we don't converse in Hindi, so obviously I am not thorough and fluent with it."

So did you have difficulty in delivering Hindi dialogues in 'Company'?

Mohanlal : "I dubbed for 'Company' myself and fortunately in this movie my role was required to have a South Indian accent in my Hindi dialogues. Thankfully, I faced no problem with this."

What do you think of the new breed of actors?

Mohanlal : "They are all good and have the potential. In this industry, it does not solely depend upon the ability of the actor; the luck factor that favours you (or doesn't) also has a big role to play in one's success. It is important to get good directors, a decent script, good co-stars and colleagues. It is all a strange recipe."

Awards and Honours

The Legend:

National Awards
1989 : Kireedam(Jury's Special Award)
1991 : Bharatham
1999 : Vaanaprastham
1999 : Vaanaprastham(Producer of the Best Film)

State Awards
1986 : T .P. Balagopalan M.A.
1991 : Ulladakkam, Kilukkam, Abhimanyu
1995 : Kalapani, Spadikam
1999 : Vaanaprastham

Critics Award
1988 : Padamudra, Chitram
1991 : Bharatam, Ulladakkam
1999 : Vaanaprastham
Film Fair Award
1986 : Sanmasullavarkku Samadhaanam
1988 : Padamudra
1993 : Devasuram
1994 : Pavitram
1995 : Spadikam

1999 : Vaanaprastham(Mathrubhumi Award)
1999 : Prem Nazeer Award
1999 : Vaanaprastham (Film Fair Award)
2000 : Mother Theresa Award
2000 : M.G Soman Award
2000 : Narasimham, Life is beautiful(National Film Academy)
2001 : 'Natana Rathna' award
2003 : Company (Best supporting Actor)(International Indian Film Academy Awards(IIFA))
2003 : Best contributor award for his contributions in the field of eye donation.
(IMA, Indian Medical Association)
2004: Kerala Film Audience Award for Best Actor in Balettan
2004: Chalachithra Ratna Award - Film Critics Award
2004: Asianet award for best Actor in Balettan
2004: Vanitha Cuticura Film Award for Best actor Balettan

Friday, July 16, 2004

Lal's UpComing Projects

  • Shaji Kailas and Mohan Lal team back ones again, in " Brand ".
  • Shaji Kailas and Mohan Lal comes together again in " Anvar Ali " .
  • Mohan lal will be acting in V.M. Vinu's Movie, Film: "Njagalude Chandhrettan"
  • "NaattuRaajavu" Will be in theater in Onam Mohan Lal Plays " Pulikaattil Charle " Nayanthaara Plays Mohan Lal's Sister, Meena Plays the Main actress.
  • Priyadarshan Next film with Lal and Dileep.
  • Super hit combination - Satyan Anthikkad + Sreenivasan + Lal is comming again.
  • Kripa film's 'Kottaram', Director:Venu Naagavalli
  • Mohanlal has been signed to act in Shajun Karyalal's film named "Vadakkum Nathan". He plays the role of a Sanskrit Professor Bharath Pisharadi. Lyrics by Girish Puthencherry and music by Raveendran. Under the banner of Baba Creations, A V Govindan Kutty and M Rajan, a business magnet in Doha, produce the film. Santhosh Sivan wields the camera and editing is by Ranjan Abraham. Shokla Films will release the film in the theatres
  • Shirdhsayi Creation's New Mohan Lal Film - "Harisree" Directed by Dr. S. Janardhanan.
  • Rajeev Anchal's "Life is Laugh-Laugh", a complete comedy film.Location US, Heroine : Jyothirmayi.
  • Sunitha Productions "Vikramadithayan". Dir :T.S.SureshBabu
  • Shaji N Karun's new movie "Gatha" based on T.Padmanabhan's "Kadal" to be produced by French company
  • Renjith's " Zakaria Pothan Jeevichiripundu ".Produced by Damar Cinema.

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